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Safety in Swaziland

Your security in Africa is of paramount importance to us and our destinations are selected accordingly. The Kingdom of Swaziland has far less social issues than neighbouring South Africa and the crime rates are significantly lower.

The Swazi people are a very friendly nation.  Staff are incredibly helpful and welcoming although just remember you are on “Swazi time” so everything happens at a more relaxed pace!  Just driving around the country you will be struck by the number of people that stop to wave at you.

We don’t visit the main cities at night, you will be safely enjoying your candlelit dinner by the waterhole with a sundowner. All the accommodation is secure and the only armed people you will meet will be the police, who are very friendly, and the anti-poaching team to act as a deterrent against poachers of which the Kingdom has a no tolerance approach to wildlife crimes.

Common sense is advised when away from the golf courses and game parks.  Just keep your mobile phones and money out of sight and enjoy the culture and friendliness of the people.

We have organised numerous escorted and self drive holidays including for families and highly recommend Swaziland as a destination where you won’t feel at all threatened and can enjoy the wildlife, scenery and culture uninterrupted.


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