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Golf Safari – Water Hazards Take on a New Meaning14th November '13

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Not many people realise how good the golf courses are in Africa – and this is said from a non-golfer who refused to take up the sport because the whole of her family played it. I remember, when I was young, sitting a Sunday roast realising that I knew every bunker on all three golf courses purely from the golf stories, told blow by blow, by my parents and brother. I became fascinated with food…

In Africa there is always the added excitement of waiting for a herd of waterbuck to cross the fairway before you drive. I remember watching some golfers getting really frustrated whilst a sounder of warthogs rummaged around on the fairway preventing them from teeing off. I found it rather amusing. I would say to watch out for the water hazards, they really can take after their name if a crocodile has taken up residence!

Swaziland has got two Championship golf courses, Royal Swazi Sun and Nkonyeni Golf Resort, both of which are impeccably maintained and in stunning settings. I am not really a fan of golfing, should the truth be known, but even I was blown away by the ambience and scenery of Nkonyeni, I’m looking forward to going back there in March.

My brother Jason and I have joined forces to provide a unique slant in the form of Golf Coaching Safaris within my travel business Sense Africa. The first golfing holiday will depart in March 2014. Jason is the resident PGA at Pyecombe Golf Club and has excellent teaching skills and these will be put to great use whilst on the practice ground and during rounds of golf.

I will also accompany the trip, being a Swazi expert, and take the non-golfers on personalised trips to local communities, markets and teach people how to track wildlife. Of course golfers are more than happy to come on these excursions too and there are safaris for everyone when we stay at Hlane National Park and Mkhaya Game Reserve.

We have also added a quirky extra to this Golf Coaching Safari with an interesting night-time golf round at Simunye Country Club, all with glow in the dark balls. I might even give it a go myself – it is only a par three course, surely I can’t lose my ball if it glows the dark!

If you are interested there is more information here, we would love to take you to Swaziland: Golf Coaching Safaris

Golf Factoids

  • The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million.
  • There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.
  • Golf was banned in Scotland from 1457 to 1502 to prevent citizens wasting time when preparing for an English invasion.
  • The word golf does not mean “Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden”. This is an internet myth!
  • There are 3 golf balls currently on the moon hit by golf loving Astronauts during the various Apollo missions.

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