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“I can honestly say that I think about some aspect of our trip everyday. It not just the animals it is the children walking to and from school, the variety of the countryside and climate! And of course the people themselves. I would like to say that I really enjoyed the time we spent together, and I really appreciated your company and your knowledge.  Our mountain biking trip was particularly enjoyable because we were able to just look and absorb the sights and sounds and feelings. Malolotja’s canopy zip wire tour was so exhilarating ! All the game reserves and accommodation I loved. So I thank you very much for organising a wonderful trip for us all. I personally feel I got a real Sense of Africa.” Bernie Gleave – 2014 Golf Safari (non-golfer)

“Just a line to say how much we enjoyed our Swazi holiday.  It’s a hackneyed phrase, but it truly was the “holiday of a lifetime”.  We shall treasure the memories & we are sorting through the 2000 photos now (!) hoping to cut them down to 200 without too much domestic strife… We were so impressed with your many skills (Jenny): speaking Swazi, tracking & identifying animals & birds (not to mention bugs & snakes), organising all the drivers & vehicles & accommodation & meals, and of course most importantly, your patience with people & your ever-present sense of humour. We would recommend this holiday to anyone.” George and Annie Miles-Eves – 2014

“Fabulous trip with an ideal introduction to the magnificent wildlife of Swaziland. Beautiful, and challenging golf courses with superb professional coaching. Excellent food, inexpensive drinks and the friendliest of people. Loved it! Walk with the wildlife, talk with the wildlife and make wild on the golf course!” Mike Sexton2014 Golf Safari

“Zip Wiring is an incredible way to mark becoming a Pensioner !” Irene Silander – 2014 Golf Safari

“This was a really enjoyable and safe way to be introduced to safari holidays in Africa.” Richard Silander – 2014 Golf Safari

 “Enthusiastic and knowledgeable team leaders and local guides. Able to deal with any situation.” Celia Schultz – 2014 Golf Safari


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